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There is a CRISIS in our own backyard!

There are over 400 thousand hurting & vulnerable children trapped in the Foster Care system in the US.  With 300 thousand churches available to help, we can fundamentally SOLVE this problem.  If every Christian Church had just ONE successful foster family, every child (or sibling group) would have a safe, loving, God-centered home to get the care they desperately need.

James 1:27 says “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress.

R225 exists to accomplish this command from The Lord.  We work to raise, train-up and equip volunteers to minister to vulnerable children throughout San Diego County.

In addition to Foster and Adoption needs, R225’s offering can be administered to multiple types of families who are struggling to support their children at NO COST to them or you:

For Churches

The Live the Promise Model is very flexible and can be adapted to numerous other types of family & children’s needs beyond fostering and adoption.

Wherever your church may already be ministering to hurting children or struggling families, you have the ability to wrap Care Communities around most any family situation.

Consider where you are currently serving and note where you see a gap in your outreach that needs attention. Both can be helped by creating a Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) leveraging the Live the Promise model.  Other types of family needs to look for can include (but are not limited to):



  • Kinship Families (where Grandma/Grandpa, or Auntie has stepped in before CPS removes the children)
  • Single Parent families who are struggling
  • Military families (where a parent is deployed)
  • Refugee families
  • Crisis Pregnancy Teens
  • Special needs for a child with a disability

The Implementation is Simple

Once you’ve identified your target family type/s in need of a Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM) contact R225 to discuss next steps.

Identifying 2 Volunteer Advocates (or 1 paid staff member) to build and maintain this ministry.

R225 provides the training and detailed roadmap of HOW to accomplish this including:


  • Planning
  • Communications Strategies
  • Launching the Care Communities
  • Software Platform access to manage the ministry and the volunteers
  • Ongoing training and coaching as needed

THIS IS A FREE SERVICE – there are no hidden costs or fees associated with your participation.

R225 is a fully funded non-profit that exists to build a Family Advocacy Ministry within all Christian Churches in San Diego County to alleviate the pain points struggling families often encounter. This allows vulnerable children and their families to succeed and flourish.

R225 strives to alleviate undo strain or responsibilities on your existing church staff by offering on-going training, coaching and support to the Advocates and their teams.

Would you like to take the next step and explore adding a Family Advocacy Ministry at your church? Contact us TODAY!