The Genesis of Restoration225


During a season of prayer the Lord revealed to Jennifer and Jerry Hall that they were intended to focus on helping vulnerable children whose families were in crisis. Joel 2:25 was stamped on their hearts. With more time and prayer they found further direction in March of 2019 while attending a concert of Christian musician Chris Tomlin.

During a break in an amazing night of worship Chris shared how he had became aware of a national crisis “in our own back yard”… here in the United States: Establishing sufficient Foster Care Homes to respond to a seemingly ever growing need. While today the crisis continues to grow, it could clearly be solved through a coordinated effort of Christian Churches across the country.



Christian churches are biblically called to respond to this specific need. By helping to retain existing Foster Care Parents, and raise up even a single new Foster Care Family in each church, the crisis would be solved! Safe and loving homes would be available to all Foster Care Children and bridges would be built to Forever Families. Chris and his wife, through their nonprofit Angel Armies, took up the mission to spread the word and assist by vetting and supporting select organizations already engaged to be a part of the solution.

Jennifer & Jerry each immediately realized the calling! Soon thereafter they attended a training through one of the vetted organizations, Promise686, and came away energized and inspired to found Restoration225. We seek to extend the Promise686 platform across regions of the nation where we have church relations to identify and assist Affiliate Churches build and grow their Family Advocate Ministries… please contact us and join our mission!

Joel 2:25  “So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten…”